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Dicky Beach to Tallebudgera Creek

Saturday 1 August 2015

Another beautiful day in paradise with a temperature of 14 to 24 degrees.

By the way Happy Birthday to all the horses out there.

Di (Ma-Ma) is thinking about our grand-daughter Bronte who left today in the Australian Under 19 Underwater Hockey Team to play in the World Championships in Castellon in Spain. Bronte was very excited when we spoke to her last night. We hope that she has a wonderful time - but Ma-Ma will be happier when she is back home again!

We were on the road by 9:30 am today for a rather short trip of 190 km from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. While the trip was relatively short the stress levels were much higher as it was a mixture of 3 and 4 lane motorways with very high traffic volumes. Di gets a bit stressed with heavy traffic and keeps trying to put on the brake!. However being Saturday the numbers of trucks were not as great as they might have been, so the driver was not too stressed.

We arrived at Tallebudgera Creek at about 12:00 noon and checked in for 4 weeks. We were allocated Waterfront Site 28, which was not part of the plan - but we were told that Site 28 was the only one available. Its hard to understand why we parted with nearly $2,000 for a four week booking on Site 12 nearly 5 weeks ago if there were no guarantees! We will pursue this again over the next couple of weeks.

Site 28 is much shorter than Site 12 and our hitch is nearly on the roadway. However we did our full set-up in about 3 hours which was much shorter time than last time. We used nearly all of a can of silicone spray in the tracks of the awning which made the process much easier. We also set up our satellite dish using all the advice given to us by John at Sat-Plus on the Sunshine Coast. We have never had such a strong signal, and the significant difference is measuring the distance between the LNB and the Dish. Easy when you know how - its only taken about 5 years!

No Photos today.

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Dicky Beach

Friday - 31 July 2015

A beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast today - 12 to 26 degrees.

This morning we headed for Sat-Plus to look at the latest in roof-top satellite TV dishes. We wanted to look at the new Sat-King flat panel roof-top dish, but it has a major failing in that it will not work in NW Australia. Given that our future trips may include trips to Northern and NW Australia we passed on the Sat-King roof-top dish as a possibility.

We had a look at the Sphere automatic dish at $2,795, and the Max-View manual wind-up dish at $1,395. We discussed our problems with John, the Sat-Plus representative, about setting up our Mini-Max dish and were given some very good advice about how to set up our dish, which we had purchased from Sat-Plus in Melbourne some years ago. John gave us some side brackets (gratis) to position the LNB at exactly 760 mm from the top of the dish. If this works we may not need the manual wind-up dish - but good service might eventually be rewarded if we decide on the manual roof-top dish.

Second port of call was the Sun-coast Caravan Service for a replacement gas detector, as our old one had been malfunctioning for a few days now. We had disconnected the old one and had taken to turning the gas Off each night.

Back at camp David went for a walk on Dicky Beach where the local authorities had spent the last few days removing the remnants of the SS Dicky wreck, because of public safety concerns. All of the ribs, the stem and the stern were removed, and the keel was left to be covered up by more than a metre of sand.

As it was our last night at Dicky Beach we went to our club, the Dicky Beach Surf Club, for dinner. We both had fillet steaks with prawn toppers, and the meals were excellent. When we checked in at the caravan park we were given a voucher for a free bottle of Rothbury wine with two full-priced meals at the club, and that was good as well. It was just as well that we had booked a table as the place was packed.


Moffatt Head from Dicky Beach.


Maroochydore from Dicky Beach.


Excavators on the beach digging up the remains of the SS Dicky.


An empty hole where the SS Dicky used to be.


The last fragments of the SS Dicky being catalogued.


The last of SS Dicky about to be buried under a metre of sand.

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Calliope River to Dicky Beach

Thursday - 30 July 2015

Fine and sunny today for our 440 km trip from Calliope River to Dicky Beach.

We got away just after 9:00 am and stopped for fuel and a coffee at Gin Gin about 11:00 am. We stopped again for lunch at the Tiaro Information Centre before continuing on to the Dicky Beach Holiday Park where we arrived at about 3:30 pm. We checked in for 2 nights and were allocated Site 11 out the back of the park on the grass. We had just finished a quick set-up when Frosty arrived to welcome us to Dicky Beach. Frosty and Marg are here until Monday when they will leave for Southport, while we leave on Saturday for Tallebudgera Creek.

After setting up we went to our Club - the Dicky Beach Surf Club (its just over the back fence) for a couple of drinks. We were joined soon after by Frosty and Marg for a catch up on our recent travels.

No Photos today.

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Cape Palmerston to Calliope River

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Mainly fine and sunny today with south easterly breeze that will slow us down.

We left Cape Palmerston at about 9:10 am and headed south again for another longish trip of 380 km to Calliope. After following a caravan trundling along at anywhere between 80 and 90 kph, with no caravan mirrors, who deliberately sped up to 100 kph on the straight overtaking opportunities, for about 60 km we gave up and stopped at the Waverly Creek Rest Area for a coffee. While we had a coffee we were chatting to a couple from Devonport in Tasmania who like us migrate north for the winter each year. The rest area is well laid out with separate areas for cars, caravans and trucks, with overnight camping allowed. We will remember it for future trips north.

We stopped again on the outskirts of Rockhampton for fuel, we continued on to the Calliope Camping Area without a further break as we did not want to arrive too late for a good spot at a popular free camping area. We picked a spot on the south side of the river as the last time we were here we thought the south side to be the best. Now that we are on the south side we have decided that the north side is by far the best, with more camping areas and more green grassy sites.


Camped at Calliope River camping area.


Be Croc Wise in Croc Country.


Old Calliope River crossing.


Calliope Road Bridge from the old bridge.


Northern camping area at Calliope River - pic 1.


Northern camping area at Calliope River - pic 2.

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Cape Palmerston

Tuesday 28 July 2015

It was fine with a bit of cloud, but mainly sunny with a coolish breeze.

Today is a rest day after our long drive yesterday, so the only action was a short trip back out to the Bruce Highway for fuel. On the way back we stopped at the Greenhill Store for bread and a paper. There were no Australians at the Ilbilbie Roadhouse or at the store, so we had to make do with the Mercury – the Mackay Mercury is no better than Hobart’s Mercury.

No photos today.

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