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Geelong Footy Club's training run at Broadbeach

Thursday 6 July 2017

Another great day in Paradise.

As the Cats played the GWS Giants in Sydney last week and are due to play the Brisbane Lions in Brisbane this week they spent the week on the Gold Coast. As well as swimming at Broadbeach and checking out the attractions of the Gold Coast, they had training runs on Tuesday and Thursday at the Broadbeach footy ground - the home of the Broadbeach Cats. The ground is a very attractive suburban footy ground surrounded by plenty of greenery.

We decided to go and watch the the Thursday morning training run with Colin and Merle Sewell who are also Cats supporters. There were several hundred Cats supporters along to see the team train. Most of the kids had Geelong footy jumpers and the most popular numbers were 14 - Joel Selwood, and 26 - Tom Hawkins.

Goal kicking practice did not instill great confidence - only a few seemed able to kick goals - I hope they play better than they trained. Tommy Hawkins managed to hit the point post and the goal post, and he did not kick too many goals.

Proceedings were being monitored by a drone - probably spies from Brisbane!

After the training run the coach and the players spent a lot of time talking to the fans and signing autographs - these days a very important part of the modern footballers role in the community. One glaring omission from the training session was Patrick Dangerfield, who was in Geelong attending the birth of his son George Patrick Dangerfield. Those cheeky buggers over in Adelaide have claimed George under the father/son rule but I'm sure that will only mean that Danger will keep playing for Geelong for a few more years yet!

Once the training run was over we drove up to the Spit to get some prawns from one of the prawn trawlers for tonight's dinner.


The home of the Broadbeach Cats.


A nice suburban ground at Broadbeach.


Di with Merle and Colin on the balcony of the Broadbeach Cats footy clubrooms.


Coach Chris Scott on his way to the TV cameras with the Geelong media manager.


Goal shooting practice - Andrew Mackie being a backman is looking the wrong way.


Does any-one know where the goals are?


A huddle with the coach prior to training proper.


Getting ready for a Red against Blue practice game.


Looks like Matty Scarlett to me.


A drone keeping an eye on things - Brisbane spies perhaps?


Motlop outnumbered again.


Motlop again.


Mitch Duncan signing autographs.


Chris Scott signing autographs.


Looks like kissing babies is part of the action.


Di with Colin and Merle.


A good crowd turned up to watch the Cats train.


Tom Lonergan due to play his 200th game on Saturday.


Andrew Mackie signing autographs.


Steve Motlop signing autographs.


Prawns for tea.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Week 3

Thursday 29 June to Wednesday 5 July

Another great week weather-wise, sunny with temperatures in the low to mid 20's.

We are still keeping up with the walking - its not hard when the weather is so good. Highlights of the week included a meal at the Burleigh Surf Club with Merle and Colin Sewell, our neighbors in the caravan park, a walk to the farmers market in the grounds of the Burleigh Primary School, a drive up to the Hinze Dam for a coffee and a cake, and a meal at Frosty's Club at CSi Southport. Frosty and Marg were back in Melbourne for the funeral of Frosty's mother who died last week.

David replaced the led lights in the bathroom as the old leds had turned yellow for some unexplained reason - Di is pleased now that she has good white light again.

During the week we had a fellow on the next site who was born and grew up in Tassie - going to school in the Glenorchy area. He and Di were comparing notes about going to school in the Glenorchy area, when it emerged that one of his Headmasters had been Gary Fitzgibbon, well known in Hash and Minihash circles.


Palm beach from the Burleigh Head Lookout.


Surfers Paradise from Burleigh Head.


I think that the Burleigh track might be closed.


Beautiful Burleigh Heads.


Di outside the Burleigh Surf Club.


Our new club Frosty - the Burleigh Beach Surf Club.


Pipes being installed to pump sand from Tallebudgera Creek to Burleigh Beach.


David in front of the Hinze Dam Spillway.


A Kookaburra looking for lunch at the Hinze Dam.


View towards the Hinze Dam from the Restaurant Balcony.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Week 2

Thursday 22 to Wednesday 28 June 2017

A week of glorious weather at Tallebudgera Creek - overnight minimums of 10 to 12 degrees and daytime maximums of 21 to 25 degrees.

We have now settled into our normal routine of daily walks to Burleigh Beach, or Palm Beach, or the end of the Creek as the spirit moves us. The reward for doing the long walk to Burleigh Beach is a cold refresher on the balcony at "Our Club" - the Burleigh Beach Surf Club.

On a visit to the Robina Shopping Centre David bought himself a couple of Bernard Cornwell books, 1356 and Azincourt, which read in a couple of days. As a result he has now weakened and bought himself a Kindle Paperwhite and has started on Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series - there are about 20 of these so that will keep him quiet for a while.


All quiet on Tallebudgera Creek.


Di on the bridge over Tallebudgera Creek.


Palm Beach from the Tumgun Lookout on Burleigh Head.


Oskars Restaurant from the balcony of the Burleigh Surf Club.


Not much surf action at Burleigh Beach.


Looking up Tallebudgera Creek towards the mountains.


Sunset over Tallebudgera Creek.


Palm Beach from the end of the rockwall.


Looking back up Tallebudgera Creek from the rockwall.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Week 1

Thursday 15 June 2017 to Wednesday 21 June 2017.

Mainly overcast this morning as we packed up for a relatively short trip of 185 km from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. The traffic flowed reasonably well without too much aggravation from heavy vehicles. Major road works are still under way on the northern approaches to the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane. These works were in progress two years ago when we came this way, and they seem to have not made too much progress.

We arrived at Tallebudgera Creek just after 12:00 noon and checked in for two and a half months. Being regulars we were allocated our usual waterfront site - No 12. We spent the first couple of hours giving the van a good clean, followed by a basic setup, with awning out and hoses connected. We will do the annexe setup tomorrow.

It was mainly fine on Friday so we spent most of the day setting up the annexe, the porches and the storeroom under the front of the van. During the day the couple on the next site collected their children from the Adventure camp across the road, the girls spent their time collecting fallen leaves and turning them into rosettes which they fixed to the fence in front of their site.

We spent Saturday settling in with visits to Woolies and BWS for essential supplies. As with previous visits to Tallebudgera Creek we have been fascinated by the eerie high-pitched wailing at night, It turns out that the noise is the call of the Bush Stone-curlew calling to other family members who generally answer,

We had been concerned about our convection /microwave for a while now because of a tendency to overheat and the operate grill cycles during other cycles. The turntable had also ceased to work. We started at Hardly Normal looking for a dry hot air oven, which we bought, however we found a Sharp convection/microwave which was almost the same dimensions as the existing Beaumatic, which was on special with $120 off.

Monday was spent removing the old microwave and installing the new microwave. Luckily the dimensions were very close which helped. It still took all day though!!!

On Tuesday Colin and Merle arrived on the site across the road from us, so David spent an hour or so helping them get organised on their site.

Wednesday was back to improvements to our van including installing a Samsung phone holder/charger with a remote antennae. Not a 5 minute job - but it took most of the day.


Sunset at Tallebudgera Creek.


Rosettes made from fallen leaves.


All set up at Tallebudgera Creek.


Rear view of our van.


Bush Stone-curlews.


Not another folding table (the one on the right is new)


The new microwave installed in the van.


Another shot of the new microwave.


The Blue Heeler guarding the back door, its been kicked off the bed.


Di's completed crochet rug on the bed

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Dicky Beach

Sunday 11 June to Thursday 15 June 2017

Three full days at Dicky Beach with wind and rain every day. Not as much rain as the Gold Coast so some consolation, I guess.

We made a visit to Sat Plus for a new LNB for our satellite dish, so we can record on our Foxtel box while we watch something else. They said we only need a splitter, and not a new LNB. We saved money and they lost a sale - although they did sell us the splitter, but at a much lower cost. Only drawback was that sat Plus had moved from Maroochydore to Noosaville - 50 km round trip as against a 10 km trip.

No photos.

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