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June 2015

Tallebudgera Creek - Days 25 to 32

Monday June 22 to Monday June 29 2015

This is our last week at Tallebudgera Creek before we head inland on our way to Cooktown. The weather was a real mixed bag, sunny and warm, cloudy and cool, showery, all in equal measure , coupled with a couple of very wet days. We continued to maintain a few daily walks when it was not raining.

On Tuesday Di had a visit to a local dentist to have a broken filling replaced.

On Thursday we joined our caravan park neighbours, Colin and Merle for a buffet lunch at the Coolangatta and Tweed Golf Club. Mountains of food including seafood, roasts, Asian stir-fries, and desserts, and only $16.50 a head. Later in the day we headed for the Southport Club to catch up with Frosty and Marg before we leave next week. As Di and I had a big lunch we opted for a couple of small pizzas.

On Friday we did the rounds of Rays Outdoors and Anaconda looking for some new recliner chairs, as the old ones were in poor condition being 5 years old, rusting, grubby and repaired many times. The new ones are light weight - 6 kg compared to 11 kg for the old ones - a saving of 10 kg in the constant search to save weight.

Early on Saturday morning Colin from Australia-Wide Annexes delivered a new flap and sail-track for our awning. David spent the rest of the morning attaching the sail track to the face of the awning, and sliding the flap into place. The flap is designed to keep rain out of the zips and stitching at the top of the annexe. In the afternoon Di wanted a last visit to Robina to check out the shops.

The weather forecast for Sunday was fine compared to rain for Monday so we decided to pack away the awning while it was dry. It is now safely on the roof rack with the cover on to keep it clean and dry, it will not be needed again until we return to the Gold Coast in August. Despite the fine forecast the rain bucketed down about an hour after we had finished.

On Sunday afternoon we decided to have a last couple of drinks at our club - CSi Southport. David had an email advising that he had 11 tickets in the draw for the car and you had to be present to win. The prize was a choice of a small Hyundai car or $10,000. Needless to say we did not win one of the 20 keys that were drawn, neither did we win any of the 30 meat trays that were raffled. Probably just as well as the fridge and freezer are full.

Over the weekend we had 4 large Dragon Boats with crews of 20 racing up and down the Tallebudgera Creek, with drums banging away. After two days of it we were glad when the drumming stopped.

On Monday it rained on and off all day, occasionally very heavy, so just as well we packed up the annexe yesterday. We made a last visit to Woollies and BWS for supplies, and refuelled at Seven 11. Woollies charge 139.9 before shopper dockets compared to 131.9 at Seven 11 - no contest. Between showers David pumped up the tyres and air-bags on the Navara to our travelling pressures and checked the wheel nuts on both the Navara and the van.

Tomorrow our final pack should only take about an hour and hopefully it won't be raining.


Small Dragon boats at practice - a bit cooler today.


Small dragon boats practising on Tallebudgera Creek.


Sand dredge working the southern side of Tallebudgera Creek.


The new sail track and flap installed on the awning.


A briefing for the Dragon boat crews before the racing started.


Briefing over - the Dragon Boats head for the start line.


The start of the first Dragon Boat race.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Day 24

Sunday 21 June - day trip to Brisbane

Today was forecast to be sunny - so we headed for Brisbane. We caught the Gold Coast Train at 10:40 am planning to get off at Southbank. However track-works meant that we did a large detour to the west ending up at Roma Street. Not only a 15 minute delay, but a 30 minute walk back to Southbank. As usual we headed for the Plough Inn for a couple of drinks and lunch. The place was packed as usual, and David ended up in the lunch queue for about 30 minutes, followed by a 40 minute wait for our meal. Our meal - slow cooked lamb shoulder was worth the wait however - excellent!!

After lunch we went for a walk around the Sunday Market, before walking back to Central Station, rather than Roma Street. On the way we passed a suit case market in the centre of the city.


The Gold Coast train arriving at Varsity Lakes.


The Plough Inn at Southbank.


Southbank Market.


Floral show at Southbank.


A Jet Ski on the Brisbane River.


City Cat on the river.


Di at Southbank.


Nepalese Temple at Southbank.


The Big Wheel at Southbank.


Brisbane City skyline.


Brisbane suit case market.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Day 18 to 23

Mon 15 June to Sat 20 June

Monday - Sunny, so we went for a walk around Tallebudgera Creek.

Tuesday - raining again.

Wednesday - cloudy again, but we went for a short walk.

Thursday - We went to "our club", CSi Southport, to meet Frosty and Marg for dinner. Di had a Chicken Parma while David had a 12 inch Pizza. It was great to catch up with Frosty and Marg, who are staying at the Broadwater Tourist Park. We gave them the bad news that we are not coming to Southport in August. We had checked out the major rebuilding works next door to the caravan park and decided that it will be noisy and dusty. We have booked at Tallebudgera again for the month of August.

Friday - sunny if a bit breezy. We drove to Surfers Paradise for a walk along the beach-front. In the mall we stopped at Kitty O'reillys for a Kilkenny or two, while Di had a bubbles or two - what else.

Saturday - Sunny so we sat in the sun to read the weekend papers.


Di at Tallebudgera Creek


Sand Dredge at work in Tallebudgera Creek


Nearby Canal


Another nearby canal


Di on the back porch.


View from the back porch


Lazy dog walker on a skate-board


Surfers Paradise Beach


Surfers Paradise


Southport Yacht Club Race


Surfers Paradise beach - not many swimmers


Surfers Paradise high rise


Surf boat crew practising on Tallebudgera Creek

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Tallebudgera Creek - Day 14 to 17

Thurs 11 June to Mon 15 June

Thursday - Showers they call it - but it has belted down all day! We spent the day on the internet but we are running out of data credit - so we paid $50 for a 4 GB recharge on out 4G dongle which is valid for 4 months.

Friday - still raining. Colin from Australia Wide Annexes called around and gave us a quote for a 5 metre piece of sail track and a 250 mm skirt to go on the top of our awning. Cost will be about $100 and should help keep the rain out of the annexe.

Saturday - it is still raining. David spent the day sewing Velcro tabs on the awning openings to provide attachment points to the support poles. It should help to stabilise the awning in the wind. Just as well we brought from home the waxed thread, the sail needles and the sail-makers palm.

Sunday was mostly cloudy but no rain - 15 to 21 degrees. Di was suffering from cabin fever so we went for a drive to Tweed Heads and Coolangatta. At Tweed heads we visited Bunnings and Hardly Normal, before a walk around the foreshore at Coolangatta.


Coolangatta Beach


David at Coolangatta Beach


Eagle at the Kirra Head Lookout


Surfers at Kirra Beach

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Tallebudgera Creek - Days 10 to 13

7 June to 10 June 2014

On Sunday we spent the day finishing the weekend papers and enjoying the sun. The park is chock-a-block with families enjoying the long weekend break.

On Monday morning all the families were packing up to make their way home, and the regulars started making their way into the park for their winter sojourn in warmer climes. Colin and Merle that we met last year arrived and set up on the site across the road from us for about six weeks. They are retired farmers from the Western Districts of Victoria and have been doing this for about 14 years. The are also Geelong supporters so we have something to talk about.

On Tuesday we bit the bullet and took our batteries to Battery World to have them tested - they are both slowly dying and need to be replaced. Because of the small size of the battery compartment, we were somewhat limited with battery capacity for replacements. Two 85 amp hour batteries was the most that we could accommodate. We decided to go for 2 high capacity 6 volt batteries and connect them in series, this would give us 216 amp hours, which is better than 170 AH from two 12 volt batteries.

We also decided to buy a new brake controller as our old one has being doing a few strange things on occasions. For no reason the controller would turn on the brake lights even when parked with the ignition turned off. A visit to Auto-Barn allowed us to buy an exact replacement - a Tekonsha IQ Primus, which could be plugged into the existing wiring harness.

On Wednesday David spent the afternoon installing an LED strip light in the bathroom - Di can see all the wrinkles now! Having allowed our new batteries to reach full charge we decided to turn off the C-Tec battery charger and simulate free camping. The TV and a couple of lights have been drawing about 3 amps, and after 5 hours the voltage has only dropped to 12.3 volts. A good result!

No photos today.

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