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June 2016

Tallebudgera Creek - Day 12 - the clean up continues

Thursday 9 June 2016

A beautiful day today - sunny and 24 degrees - this is what we came for.

Once again the machinery was in action fairly early this morning. This time it was Gold Coast City Council workers cleaning up the foreshore of Tallebudgera Creek. We had a tracked Bobcat racing up and down the sand collecting logs and driftwood and piling it up in front of our site. Hopefully they might come back tomorrow and take away the heap of rubbish, as it does little to improve our view of the waterfront.

Tomorrow we are heading for the Queensland Caravan Show at the Ekka as they call the Brisbane Showgrounds. This year we have purchased our tickets to the show on-line and had them printed off at the Caravan Park Reception, which entitles us to free train travel to and from the Gold Coast,


GCCC Bobcat working the beach on Tallebudgera Creek.


The pile of rubbish is growing.


Piling up the rubbish in front of our site.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Day 10 - the clean up begins

Tuesday 7 May 2016

A beautiful sunny day on the Gold Coast today if a bit cool this morning - forecast was 9 to 22 degrees.

We were woken at about 7:00 am by the arrival of a large truck carrying a Bobcat to begin the clean-up along the waterfront sites. Obviously we were not going to get any more sleep so no choice but to get up for breakfast and watch the action.

It is amazing what a skilled operator in a Bobcat can achieve - he worked alone and had to make several trips to get rid of the rubbish. He spent most of the day cleaning up the foreshore, but we still need to see a bit of manual labour to rake the area and remove the smaller stuff.

Late in the morning we had a call from Brendan and Lyn to move our lunch engagement forward by a day. We met up with them at what used to be The Burleigh Bluff Cafe, now known as the Forty Two 20 Cafe, opposite the Burleigh Surf Club. We had an excellent lunch and caught up with their news and plans for their first big trip in their new caravan. They are planning to meet up with Chappy and Lee near the Flinders Ranges, and then head to Birdsville via the Birdsville Track for the races in early September.

Later in the day I spoke to Chappy who is booked on the Spirit of Tasmania for Saturday this week. Two sailings have now been cancelled out of Devonport because the Port Authorities have closed the Port for all commercial vessels because of the floods in the Mersey River. The river is full of logs, dead cows and sheep, and if that wasn't bad enough the Devonport Yacht Club marina with all of the boats was washed down the river past the ferry terminal. Authorities are hoping to re-schedule sailings out of either Burnie or Bell Bay. Here's hoping they get away without too much trouble, we have our fingers crossed.

Passengers on cancelled sailings are having their fares refunded, and are being offered free sailings at the first opportunity. At least the fare refund would help compensate for unscheduled accommodation arrangements. Well done TT-Line!


Bobcat arrived on a 10 tonne truck ready to go at about 7:00 am.


Rubbish in front of our site to be cleaned up.


Bobcat working in front of site 12.


Amazing machines in the hands of a good operator.


The pile of rubbish collected in front of our site.


Working at the other end of the waterfront sites.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Day 8 - After the Storm

Sunday 5 June 2016

Mainly fine and 20 degrees was forecast for today. Overnight we had 280 mm of rain on top of the 80 mm the day before. In fact there was 160 mm of rain between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm last night. Some of the regulars in the park who have been coming here for 25 to 30 years say they have never seen anything like it before.

We woke fairly early this morning to check out the carnage from yesterday. The flotsam was banked up against the back wall of our annexe and It took us a couple of hours to clean away the rubbish from around the back of the van. The caravan park staff were not overly helpful as only one staff member was rostered-on for maintenance duties on Sunday, and was somewhat overwhelmed, he advised that a Council crew would come in on Monday to clean up. It was somewhat disappointing that no-one from the Park Management thought that it was their responsibility to advise patrons of the possible consequences of an East Coast Low. There is a duty of care there somewhere, but not apparently appreciated.

After spending a couple of hours cleaning up around our site, we walked out to the end of the rock wall on Tallebudgera Creek to see the swell and surf conditions. Back at camp we had a late brunch of eggs and bacon cooked on the Baby Q, then walked over Burleigh Head to see the damage to Burleigh Beach caused by the heavy seas over the last couple of days. We had to walk over the top track, as the lower track was closed because of the risk of rock falls after the heavy rain.

At Burleigh Beach a crowd were watching a couple of intrepid surfers who were being towed out to the safer swell conditions by Jet-Skis, and then they were being picked up again before they got caught in the dangerous surf closer to the beach, and then taken out again for a repeat performance. At the Burleigh Beach Kiosk, which is part of the Burleigh Surf Club, we had had a coffee and watched the world go by before walking back to the caravan park.

Tonight we spent an anxious few hours monitoring the tide levels however without the storm surge we were about 12 inches above the maximum high tide level. At about 8:45 pm - high tide - we went for a walk around the caravan park to check conditions generally. The southern end of the caravan park was getting more flooding from the high tide levels than we were experiencing at Site 12. Bob and Marlene from Corowa in Victoria had arrived earlier in the day with their daughter, who had driving duties. She was staying to help them set-up on the site before returning home in a few days time. Their site was next to site 28 that we had in August last year. They were having the worst of the high tide with a few inches of water flowing through their annexe.


The rubbish at our back door that arrived at high tide about 8:00 pm


Looking North from our site.


Looking south from our site.


Front steps from one of the villa units in the caravan park.


The mess in the corner of Tallebudgera Creek near the caravan park.


Back in the Park - who put that hole there?


Debris on the banks of Tallebudgera Creek.


No swimming in Tallebudgera Creek.


Surfers on the Tallebudgera Creek barway.


Surf on Palm Beach.


Coolangatta in the distance.


More surf on Palm Beach.


Palm Beach - wind now from the west.


Breakers lining up at Palm Beach.


More surf.


Even more surf.


Today's weather photo - looking west across the bridge over Tallebudgera Creek.


Tallebudgera Creek - 2 days ago it was blue and clear,


Palm Beach from the Lookout on Burleigh Head.


Burleigh Beach with Surfers Paradise in the distance taken from Burleigh Head.


Surf at Burleigh Beach.


Jet Ski picking up a surfer at Burleigh Beach.


Jet Skis in action.


Jet Ski picking up a surfer.


Waves at Burleigh Beach.


A Jet Ski in action again.


More waves at Burleigh Beach.


Surfer on a wave.


Surfer on a wave again.


Surfer at Burleigh Beach.


Jet Ski waits to pick up a surfer.


Here we go again.


Onlookers at Burleigh Beach.


Surfer dropped off on a wave by a Jet Ski.


More crowd action at Burleigh Beach.


Heading back for another go.


Burleigh Beach.


Burleigh Beach - where is the sand?


Time to pump sand again at Burleigh Beach.


Back at Tallebudgera Creek - rainbow in the distance.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Day 7 - Weather Update

Saturday 4 June 2016

In the 36 hours to 9:00 pm tonight we have had 336 mm of rain. Tallebudgera Creek is a tidal creek open to the sea and a 9 metre swell that has been running from the north east for a couple of days. High tide tonight was at about 8:00 pm and the sea level was expected to be about 40 cm higher than usual because of the East Coast Low affecting local weather. We thought that we would be OK in the Caravan Park, but it was a close run thing as you can see for yourselves.


Flotsam at the back door.


More flotsam at the back door.


Here comes another storm surge.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Days 4 to 7

Wednesday 1 June to Saturday 4 June 2016

The weather each day until Friday has been mainly cloudy and about 22 degrees, which is quite pleasant.

On Wednesday we went for a walk around Burleigh Head and had a cool refresher at the South Burleigh Surf Club.

Thursday was a bit of grocery shopping before meeting Frosty and Marg at Club Southport for a meal. They arrived at Southport the day before we arrived at Tallebudgera and are now settled on their usual site. We caught up with their news since we last saw them in Melbourne in April, when we delivered our van to the Trailblazers factory.

We spent most of Friday preparing for the expected bad weather due to arrive overnight. When David collected the paper from Reception in the morning the staff were being run off their feet dealing with phone calls from people cancelling their bookings for the weekend, We doubled all of the guy ropes (or should that be person ropes), and doubled all of the pegs on the annexe tie-downs. We are expecting about 200 mm of rain over the weekend with winds of 25 to 30 knots gusting higher. We ran out of pegs so here's hoping that we have done enough to keep the awning and annexe attached to the van.

We were up at about 1:00 am Saturday morning in the wind and the rain trying to control the front porch that had lost one of its poles in the wind. The easiest solution was to move the Navara to block some of the wind and to tie the porch to the Ute. We did not get any sleep overnight and were up again at about 5:00 am in the rain checking on the annexe as the wind seemed to have gone up a notch. In the 24 hours to 9:00 am we had 80 mm of rain, and it is still raining and blowing - we expect another 80 mm before the weather eases this evening. Now we know what they mean when the talk about an East Coast Low. I think that the weather forecasters are a bit gun-shy at the moment as they keep issuing severe weather warnings for damaging thunder storms only to cancel them an hour or two later.


Palm Beach from the Burleigh Heads walking track.


Burleigh Beach - no-one swimming between the flags.


Surfers Paradise from Burleigh Beach.


Site 12 from the bridge over Tallebudgera Creek.

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