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July 2015

Gold Coast to Miles

Tuesday 30 June

After saying goodbye to Colin and Merle, we were packed up and on our way by 9:30 am. The weather was fine and mainly sunny for our 415 km trip to Miles, which is about halfway between the Coast and Charleville. We headed north on the Pacific Highway, with reasonably heavy traffic and lots of trucks, until turning west onto the Logan motorway towards Ipswich. After bypassing Ipswich we continued west, negotiating a long slow climb, about 6 km at 10%, just before Toowoomba. We were down to 2nd gear struggling along at about 35 kph, but managed to pass a B-Double that was doing little better than walking pace - about 10 kph.

We re-fuelled at Oakey and had lunch at the Oakey Rotary Park, before continuing on through Dalby and Chinchilla to Miles, where we turned south for the Gil Weir free camp - about 6 km from town. There were about a dozen other vans and camper trailers there but still plenty of room for us. We got out the fire pot and spent a peaceful evening enjoying the warmth. David had a chat to a few of the other campers and found a fellow sailor travelling with his rather large black cat. He lives in Gladstone, owns a Swanson 38 yacht, and had recently returned from 7 years of cruising the South Pacific with his cat.


Gil Weir free camp 6 km south of Miles.


Fire pot and new chairs at Gil Weir.

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