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August 2014

Southport - Day 13

Day 60 - Tuesday 26 August 2014

Mainly sunny today and 22 degrees.

We spent the day making some fine adjustment to the annexe. We went to Go Camping at Nerang for a couple of adjustable tent/annexe poles to prop up the clip system at each end of the annexe. The annexe has 22 ladder straps that hold the annexe to the ground, however the combined force pulling down on the clip system was bending the rails, so we decided some support was in order.

On the way back to camp we called at Bunnings for a few odds and ends, then Woollies for groceries and BWS for some liquid refreshments which had been getting low.

About 4:00 pm Frosty and Marg came over for a very enjoyable Happy Hour and the opportunity for a close inspection of the new annexe - they are very impressed!

No Photos today.

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Southport - Day 12

Day 59 - Monday 25 August 2014

Thankfully no more rain - we have had 70 mm over the last two days. It is windy again however!

Day 5 of the Pan Pacs - the open water swimming was cancelled this morning because of fears about water quality in the Broadwater, and the possibility of sharks. I think that the organizers may be reconsidering their decision not to put a roof on the competition venue. They have 4 years until the next Commonwealth Games to get it right.

Good news today - our new annexe is wandering around the Gold Coast on a delivery truck and we expect Colin from Australia Wide Annexes to arrive mid afternoon for a set up. Colin arrived soon after 3:00 pm and an hour later it was all set up. We are very pleased with the result. However we are still waiting for the Porch that goes with the annexe, but that seems to have been mislaid by the carrier. As a result a new Porch is being made and should be delivered in a couples of days.

Inside the new annexe - the windows have insect screens, covered by vinyl clears, with a canvas cover over the lot.

Inside the new annexe - the windows have insect screens, covered by vinyl clears, with a canvas cover over the lot.

The Blue Heeler is very pleased with the new annexe

The Blue Heeler is very pleased with the new annexe

The new Annexe

The new Annexe

This is where the the Porch will go

This is where the the Porch will go

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Southport - Day 11

Day 58 - Sunday 24 august 2014

It is still raining in Southport - yesterday we had 47.4 mm of rain and another 20 mm is expected today.

Di had a case of cabin fever today so we went to the Robina Shopping Centre for the afternoon. David bought a newspaper and a caravan magazine and sat it out while Di went shopping on her own. As all the boys will appreciate - its easier shopping that way.

No photos today.

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Southport - Day 10

Day 57 - Saturday 23 August 2014

Heavy rain periods today.

Day 3 of the Pan Pacs - swimming in the rain. Once again our new annexe failed to arrive, and just as well as it rained all morning. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday.

Today we had lunch with Brendan and Lyn at their place at Robina. We were joined by other friends of theirs, Glen and Colleen, that were about to leave on an overseas trip to Europe. Given that Brendan and Lyn had recently returned from an overseas trip we were able to compare notes - our last overseas trip to Europe was in 2007. We had a very enjoyable afternoon - good food, good wine and good company!

Brendan was concerned that we might be feeling the cold - he put the Queensland fire on for our benefit - it was on the TV. Brendan said that some people have been known to back to the "fire" to get warm.

Brendan had the fire going for our benefit

Brendan had the fire going for our benefit

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Southport - Day 9

Day 56 - Friday 22 august 2014

Mainly fine but a few showers later.

Today is day 2 of the Pan Pacs Swimming Competition. They say on the Gold Coast that the sun shines for 300 days each year. With showers expected later I think they are starting to regret not putting a roof on the new aquatic centre.

We had been hoping that our new annexe might turn up today, but we were disappointed! We spent most of the day hanging around camp.

No photos today.

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