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August 2015

Border Ranges National Park

Friday 14 August 2015

Another fine sunny day with a temperature range of 12 to 22 degrees.

We did the tourist thing again and drove the Tweed Range Scenic Drive in the Border Ranges National Park. The drive took us along the rim of an ancient volcanic caldera, through Heritage listed rain forests, Antarctic beech forests over 2,000 years old, and spectacular lookouts with views across the Tweed Valley and Mount Warning. The round trip from Tallebudgera Creek was a total of 280 km via Murwillumbah, Uki and Kyogle. The Border Ranges Circuit itself 56 km of reasonable gravel roads, albeit a bit narrow and winding in places.


Tweed Valley and Mt Warning from Blackbutts Lookout.


Mt Warning and the Sisters.


Di talking to Kirrily at Blackbutts Lookout.


Tweed Valley from the Lookout.


View from Pinnacle Lookout.


Another view from Pinnacle Lookout.


Border Ranges.


How's this for a house with a view (Mt Warning).

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Tallebudgera Creek - Week 2

Monday 10 August to Thursday 13 August 2015

Weather mainly fine and sunny all week.

On Monday we started the day with a few domestic duties before walking around Burleigh Head. The lower track is now open again after being closed for about 12 months. At the Burleigh Surf Club we stopped for a coffee before returning to Tallebudgera Creek.

We headed to the Robina Shopping Centre on Tuesday as Di had an appointment with the hairdresser. To fill in time David checked out the latest laptops at JB Hi-F, and found his next laptop - an HP Notebook with an i7 quad core processor, a 1080 HD display, 16 GB of RAM, and a 2 TB hard drive. Sadly everything comes with Windows 10, which might not be a wise move until the bugs are ironed out.

On Wednesday we met up with Frosty and Marg for lunch at the Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Golf Club. Frosty was very impressed with the expansive buffet meal for $16.50 and all you can eat. The menu includes soups, hot and cold seafood entrees, roasts and stir fries for mains, and a large range of desserts.

Back at the caravan park the Channel 7 Sunrise crew were busy setting up for the early morning broadcast on Thursday. They had just finished setting up their tents when a fire truck turned up to put out their camp fire, much to the amusement of a large crowd of onlookers. It got very windy Wednesday night/Thursday morning and the Sunrise crew got blown out of their tents and retreated to their villa units.

On Thursday morning we woke up early to watch Sunrise on TV - we did not hurry out of bed as 6:00 am is a tad too early for us. At a respectable hour we walked along to see the show being broadcast from the Sunrise Set which had been set-up on the lawn in front of Site 12. Later in the morning we took the Navara to White's Bodyworks at nearby Miami for a new bumper bar to be fitted. While we waited for the job to be done we checked out the local shops at Miami, then walked back to Burleigh Beach and checked out more shops, which includes a lot of interesting eating places. We were able to walk back and pick up the Navara at about 12:00 noon.


A kayak class on Tallebudgera Creek.


Loose boulders on Burleigh Head.


A surfer at Burleigh Beach.


Springbrook Mountain from Tallebudgera Creek.


Kochie with spectators.


The Sunrise Cash Cow.


Sunrise team with the fire engine.


Kochie and Nat on the Sunrise Set.


Nissan with a new rear Bumper Bar.


Garbage Scow on Tallebudgera Creek.

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Springbrook Mountain

Sunday 9 July 2015

A bit cloudy today with a temperature of 20 degrees.

We started the day with our usual Sunday eggs and bacon breakfast cooked on the Baby Q.

After lunch we decided to drive to Springbrook Mountain, which is about 45 km from Tallebudgera Creek. Springbrook Mountain is about 1,000 metres high, which is slightly less than Mount Wellington at home. The Lookouts provide views back towards the coast. The area around Springbrook was settled about 100 years ago as a farming district. Jim Hardy, one of the first settlers in the area used a buckboard pulled by two horses to negotiate the very steep tracks in the area. Not sure that we would like the downhill trip on the buckboard. When the first road was built into the area in the 1920s the 1 in 10 gradients were the steepest roads built in Queensland at the time. Springbrook Road is listed on the Queensland Heritage Register for its historical importance and technical achievement.


View from Wunburra Lookout on Springbrook Mountain.


View from Wunburra Lookout.


Surfers Paradise from Wunburra Lookout.


Another View from Wunburra Lookout.


Fallen tree at Purling Brook Falls Lookout.


Purling Brook Falls.


Top of Purling Brook Falls.


Footbridge at the bottom of Purling Brook Falls.


Hardy's Buckboard at Springbrook Mountain.


Canyon wall from the Lookout.


Di at the Canyon Lookout.


Part of the Twin Falls from the Lookout.


2,000 year old Antarctic Beech Trees.


Best of All Lookout at Springbrook Mountain.


View from the Best of All Lookout.


Another view from the Best of All Lookout.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Week 1

2 August to 8 August 2015

Sunday was 12 to 24 degrees followed by 12 to 26 degrees on Monday, then the maximums when down to about 20 degrees, but fine and sunny every day.

On Sunday morning we had just finished the last few jobs in our set-up routine when a motorhome arrived to take up the site across the roadway. He had driven on to the site when he should have reversed onto the site. Realising his mistake he attempted a 3-point turn and in the process managed to back into the rear of the Navara. While we had a small dent in the bumper bar, we now have a much larger dent. We have been reimbursed the cost of repairs by the other driver, so no insurance claims to worry about.

On Monday we went to a local bodyworks for a quote for repairs, and should be able to have it done next week. A new bumper bar costs $1,200 and that is just the metal bit and does not include all the plastic bits that will be re-used. Back at the van we spent the rest of the afternoon making some minor modifications to the van to enable us to get the washing machine out for repairs. We removed the back cover from the machine and found that one of the large springs that holds the drum in place had broken, allowing the whole unit to flop about during the spin cycle. We took it off to the local Dometic Agent for repairs. The machine is very heavy and difficult to handle at about 55 kg - the agent said it is like a box of bricks.

On Tuesday we drove to the Pine Shopping Centre at Elanora so David could see an Optometrist for new contact lenses. He had been given a new prescription before we left home but has been having trouble with them and wanted to go back to his previous prescription. Di managed to find a dress shop and made a purchase or two.

On Wednesday we drove to the Nissan dealer at Tweed Heads to have a 150,000 km service for the Navara. While the service was being done we walked to Coolangatta and had breakfast at a local restaurant, before checking out both of the local shopping centres. While the vehicle service was supposed to be finished at 10:30 am, it was nearly 1:00 pm before we picked it up.

On Thursday morning we went for a walk to Burleigh Beach, but the low track is still closed and we had to walk over the top of Burleigh Head. At Tallebudgera Creek the sand dredge is working again and they are pumping sand over the hill to Burleigh Beach in a 12 inch plastic pipe. About mid afternoon Brendan called over to say hello - he and Lyn arrived back on Monday from their 4WD trip across the Simpson Desert which they enjoyed. In the evening we drove up to Club Southport for dinner with Frosty and Marg. They had arrived back at the Broadwater Park on Monday after spending some time at Dicky Beach.

On Friday morning Colin from Australia Wide Annexes called around to measure up and quote for a new storage room to go under the front of the 5th wheeler. It will match the colour-scheme of the annexe and will give us a lot of storage space as it will be 2.2 m wide by 1.2 m deep by 1.4 m high. At the present time we have a lot of bits and pieces pushed under the van, with some chained on for security, and Di thinks that it is all very untidy!

Finally on Saturday we called in at Rays Outdoors for their big members sale - but did not need any of their door buster specials. We did however find a large Black Wolf duffel bag for storage of clothing, and they organised a price match for a second bag at a nearby BCF store. At $40 each they were a good buy. Later in the day we called in to the local Aldi store for one of their Expressi coffee machines, the same as Kirrily uses in Melbourne. They use purpose made pods of coffee so we will have to buy up big at Aldi in Melbourne before we return home.


All set-up on waterfront site 28 at Tallebudgera Creek.


The weeks weather photo - fine and sunny all week.


Blue Heeler could not work out why the photographer was laughing.


Palm Beach from the Burleigh Head Lookout.


Sand dredge at work in Tallebudgera Creek.


Large pump moving the sand from Tallebudgera Creek to Burleigh Beach.


Sand pipe at Burleigh Beach.


Surfers Paradise from Burleigh Head.


Police Patrol at Burleigh Beach.


Kayak class on Tallebudgera Creek.

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Dicky Beach to Tallebudgera Creek

Saturday 1 August 2015

Another beautiful day in paradise with a temperature of 14 to 24 degrees.

By the way Happy Birthday to all the horses out there.

Di (Ma-Ma) is thinking about our grand-daughter Bronte who left today in the Australian Under 19 Underwater Hockey Team to play in the World Championships in Castellon in Spain. Bronte was very excited when we spoke to her last night. We hope that she has a wonderful time - but Ma-Ma will be happier when she is back home again!

We were on the road by 9:30 am today for a rather short trip of 190 km from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. While the trip was relatively short the stress levels were much higher as it was a mixture of 3 and 4 lane motorways with very high traffic volumes. Di gets a bit stressed with heavy traffic and keeps trying to put on the brake!. However being Saturday the numbers of trucks were not as great as they might have been, so the driver was not too stressed.

We arrived at Tallebudgera Creek at about 12:00 noon and checked in for 4 weeks. We were allocated Waterfront Site 28, which was not part of the plan - but we were told that Site 28 was the only one available. Its hard to understand why we parted with nearly $2,000 for a four week booking on Site 12 nearly 5 weeks ago if there were no guarantees! We will pursue this again over the next couple of weeks.

Site 28 is much shorter than Site 12 and our hitch is nearly on the roadway. However we did our full set-up in about 3 hours which was much shorter time than last time. We used nearly all of a can of silicone spray in the tracks of the awning which made the process much easier. We also set up our satellite dish using all the advice given to us by John at Sat-Plus on the Sunshine Coast. We have never had such a strong signal, and the significant difference is measuring the distance between the LNB and the Dish. Easy when you know how - its only taken about 5 years!

No Photos today.

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