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September 2012

Day 146 - Friday 28 September 2012


Typical Melbourne weather - yesterday it was a lovely warm day - today the rain is belting down. Its not looking to good for the AFL Grand Final tomorrow - could be a good day to stay inside and watch the footy on TV.

This morning we drove down to IKEA at Springvale to collect a list of items for Michelle. At least IKEA had good parking with a 2.8 metre clearance in their car park. IKEA seemed to be full of people wandering around aimlessly - either lost tour groups or just plain lost - the place is enormous with pathways marked with arrows on the floor designed to take you past every item that they have in stock. Once you work out their system it is quite well organised with plenty of helpfull staff, and self service checkouts that are easy to use.

While we were wandering around IKEA we got a phone call from Phil at Trailblazers to tell us the van would now be ready at 10:30 am on Saturday, as the repairs will need time for the silicone sealants to dry properly.

No photos today.

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Day 141 - Sunday 23 September 2012

Queenscliff to Frankston.

We made an early start today and arrived at the Queenscliff ferry terminal at about 9:30 for the 10:00 am ferry. When David paid the $137 for the car and caravan he was told that if we had got up a little earlier we could have had a discount of $40 on the caravan on either the 8:00 am or 9:00 am ferries. The ferry was not particularly busy today and only had three vans and about 6 cars on board when it arrived at Quueenscliff, and our van and 5 or 6 cars for the return journey to Sorrento. The ferry trip takes about 40 minutes and while we were waiting to get to Sorrento we had breakfast in the on-board cafeteria - a toasted ham and cheese croisant for David and a ham, cheese and tomato Toastie for Di.

We drove through a bit of drizzle from Sorrento to Frankston and arrived soon after 11:00 am and were allocated a drive through site at the Frankston Holiday Park. We did a very minimalist set-up as we are only here for the night as we are taking the van into Trailblazers tomorrow.

After setting up we drove over to Berwick to have lunch at Moods Restaurant with Di's nephew David and his wife Rachael and their new son Isaac. After lunch we drove over to their home for a coffee.

Isaac at Moods waiting for lunch

Isaac at Moods waiting for lunch

Isaac at home learing to drive

Isaac at home learing to drive

Back at the caravan park we hitched up the van again so as to get an early start in the morning.

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Day 145 - Thursday 27 September 2012


After breakfast we walked up to Chapel Street again to see whether the Post Office had any mail for us - we were in luck. After buying some papers it was over the road to the Yellow Bird Cafe for a coffee. After coffee it was back to K's for lunch before we went to Northcote to see David's sister Louise. As we drove along the Northcote High Street we felt that the area is slowly moving more upmarket with plenty of restaurants along the way.

We spent an hour or so with Louise and had some afternoon tea that we had brought with us. Louise is only just back in her house again, because the bathroom has been remodelled to install a bath, the whole house has been repainted, and an air purifier installed to remove dust mites, mould spores, pet allergens, chemicals, pollens from grasses, weeds, flowers and trees, smoke, odours, bacteria, and viruses. Anyway that is what the brochure said, but if it only removes the cigarette smoke all Louise's visitors will be happy.

Louise would not consent to a photo for the blog - so no photos today.

At 7:00 pm that evening David and Di ventured back onto the trams to meet Kirrily in the city for a meal. We went to Il Solito Posto which is a very nice Italian restaurant just off Collins Street, near the Melbourne Grand Hyatt Hotel. We started with a shared Antipasto platter; then Kirrily had Anatra arrosto - twice roasted duck with orange and anise, with Sardinian cous cous, almonds, artichoke and olives; Di had Agnello al forno - slow cooked lamb in chilli, garlic, herbs, tomato, fresh peas; and David had Involtini di coniglio - farmed rabbit, wrapped in pancetta, stuffed with fontina, sourdough and herbs, with farro and braised spinach; and a glass or two of a very nice Sangiovese.

A very happy evening with our daughter!

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Day 144 - Wednesday 26 September 2012


We waited for David's camera to be delivered which happened at about 11:00 am, then David spent some time examining his new camera, a Pentax K30 DSLR with an 18-55 lens. The second lens, a 55-300 telephoto lens will be delivered in another week or so. The added advantage of splitting the delivery keeps the price of the first consignment under $1,000, so no GST. David also has a 35-105 lens from an old film camera that will work with this camera as Pentax has a practice of making cameras that can use all old Pentax auto focus lenses.

New Pentax K30 DSLR Camera

New Pentax K30 DSLR Camera

Later we made a visit to Bunnings in Hawthorne for a few bits and pieces so David could carry out a few maintenance jobs at Kirrily's place. When we drove into their carpark, which has its own traffic lights to let cars in and out, we noticed that the max height was 2.1 metres and we are 2.25 metres, so had to disrupt the taffic flow while we did a U-turn. we eventually found a parking space in the street about 300 metres away.

David spent the rest of the afternoon fixing the watering system and doing a few other maintenace jobs, while Di prepared Peri Peri Chicken for dinner - and very nice it was too! Kirrily works a long day and was home about 7:30 pm. She said that she likes coming home to a cooked dinner!

Kirrily's balcony

Kirrily's balcony

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Day 143 - Tuesday 25 September 2012

Frankston to Melbourne

No rush today so checked out at about 10:00 am and drove to the Frankston Power Shopping Centre for papers and breakfast. After breakfast we noticed that Katmandhu and Anaconda were both having end of winter sales with big discounts, so we had a look for warm polarfleece jackets, but without luck.

We drove from Frankston to Kirrily's place at Windsor and managaed to find a parking spot in the street outside. From here we walked down to Dandenong Road and caught the tram into the city. We collected Kirrily's keys from her offices which are located in the old Daimaru Centre in Elizabeth Street, then wandered through Myers where Di managed to find some shoes. We caught the tram back to Winsdor and unloaded all our things from the Navara - it was a tight squeeze driving into the parking area at her apartment building, and luckily there were no other cars which made turning around easier.

After settling in we drove up to the Woolies supermarket in Malvern Road in Toorak - its not hard to see that you are in Toorak - the carpark is full of Mercs, BMWs and Audis. We are cooking dinner tonight - so its going to be butterflied lamb on the BarBQ with a couple of good reds.

During the day we had a phone call from DHL Express Deliveries advising that they had tried to deliver David's camera on Friday, so we arranged for them to deliver again tomorrow.

No photos today.

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