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September 2014

Southport - Day 22

Day 69 - Thursday 4 September 2014

Fine and 21 degrees today.

The laptop problems continue - Norton Internet Security is the cause of the problem. The solution is to un-install and re-install the software. That's alright if you have your original disks, but is impossible without an internet connection. Solution was to delete all Norton files (there are thousands of them). Laptop now working properly with internet access but no Norton Internet Security until we get home. Surprisingly there has been an enormous increase in speed, which just goes to show the impact of Norton Internet Security in slowing down laptop speed. Will have to be a little careful to try and avoid dodgy sites and refrain from using internet banking and similar sites until we are home.

We spent the rest of the day on maintenance tasks around the van - re-painted the steel work at the front of the van and re-sealed some of the Sikaflex sealant around some of the leaks identified in the recent rains. David spent the rest of the day making a small wrench from a nylon chopping board to undo the wing-nuts on the Awning. They are very hard to get tight and sometimes even harder to undo by hand. He ended up making two and gave Frosty the prototype. The blue lanyards were courtesy of Frosty who has a 100 metre reel of the stuff.

Those pesky wing-nuts

Those pesky wing-nuts

Wing-nut wrench made from a nylon chopping board

Wing-nut wrench made from a nylon chopping board

Being Thursday night we joined Frosty and Marg at Club Southport for dinner. We all had the $10 Pizza and Schooner special and this time we were offered a free dessert of a pancake with maple syrup and crème. How's that for value!

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Southport - Day 21

Day 68 - Wednesday 3 September 2014

Today was 22 degrees and fine.

We went and explored the Ferry Road Market today . As well as a large fresh fruit and vegetable market, there are is an excellent delicatessen, and a very good butchery. The market is surrounded by a large number of stores of all kinds in a fairly significant commercial area.

Back at camp David continued his battle with his laptop. In recent days it has been getting slower and slower, to the point where it ground to a halt completely. The problem seems to be Norton Internet Security that has lost a file. David tried a re-install to the most recent back-up but that only made matters worse and now he has no access to the internet via Internet Explorer. He can however access his emails. Very, very frustrating!!!!

No Photos today.

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Southport - Day 20

Day 67 - Tuesday 2 September 2014

We are in paradise - 27 degrees and fine. Although it did start out cloudy in the morning, it improved as the day went on.

Today Brendan and Lyn came over for lunch. It was their last chance to see us again before they return to Hobart for another business visit to their furniture store which is now managed by two of their three sons. Their other son is a chef in Yeppoon with a Hat in recognition of his skills in the restaurant business. Brendan was leaving on Wednesday and Lyn was leaving on Thursday. Lunch was an entrée of smoked salmon on cos lettuce, followed by roast pork fillet with salad and roast potatoes, and a berry and ice cream dessert to finish.

Just a light lunch accompanied by a few nice reds. As we leave next weekend to make our way back to Tassie we will probably not see them again until the Xmas/New year period in Hobart. All in all it was good company and an excellent lunch.

No photos.

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Southport - Day 19

Day 66 - Monday 1 September

Forecast for today is fine and sunny with a temperature of 24 degrees. In the afternoon we had a brisk breeze off the water that kept things a tad cool.

David checked our solar panels installed on the roof at home last night. We have a 3.0 kW system comprising 12 by 250 watt solar panels with individual inverters. The system allows panel performance to be monitored over the internet. For the month of August our panels have produced 260 kWh at a feed-in tariff of 28.8 cents per kWh, making $75.00 for the month.

The panels were only averaging 5 kWh for the first 10 days of the month, but the last 20 days averaged 10 kWh per day. This is however a long way from the expected 20 kWh per day that we would expect in the middle of summer. Since the 1st of April the panels have generated more than 1,000 kWh or nearly $300.00, which is fairly good for the winter months. The panels should pay for themselves in the next 5 years before the feed in tariff reduces to 8 cents per kWh.

This morning we headed for Pacific Fair so Di could have a hair cut. After lunch we did the rounds of Supercheap Autos, Repco, Burson Auto Parts, Whitworths, and finally Auto Barn looking for a Vinyl Repair Kit, not because we need it yet - but it pays to be prepared. On the way back to camp we called in at Southport Park for groceries at Woollies and a visit to BWS for essential supplies.

No photos today.

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