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Nambucca Heads

Friday 1 Sep to Saturday 2 Sep 2017

Friday was very windy and quite cool, so we spent the day doing the washing and a bit of shopping,

Saturday was much nicer as the wind had dropped. We drove to Taylors Arm for lunch at The Pub With No Beer. Taylors Arm is located about 30 km west of Macksville which is about 10 km south of Nambucca on the Pacific Highway. While we were at Taylors Arm we checked the almost free camp - $5.00 fer stay. Next year we will give Nambucca Heads a miss and stay at Taylors Arm - should save about $150.00.

On the way back from lunch we called in at the Rusty Iron Rally at the Macksville Showground. Plenty of old engines, old farm machinery, old cars and lots of junk for sale.


Pub With No Beer - about 30 km from Macksville.


The Pub With No Beer at Taylors Arm.


Camping area at the Taylors Arm recreation ground.


Primitive Camping - $5 per stay.


Lots of model cars - 3 for $30.00 - cheaper than yours Frosty!


Hornsby oil engine circa 1908 rescued from a sheering shed at Bourke.


Another Hornsby engine circa 1902 used for pumping water from the Bogan River.


Lord Corgi - a miniature traction engine.


A pair of old Dodge cars.


This engine kept running backwards - much to the consternation of the operators.


Jacobson 4-stroke petrol engine circa 1913.


Lawn mower bicycle - keep fit and mow the lawns.


1909 Hornsby petrol engine.


IHC engine for driving a cream separator on a farm.


A restored Blackstone oil engine circa 1915.


A very noisy rotary aero engine.


4 by 2.5 tonne racket straps to hold it down.


Rotary Aero engine - 12 cylinders.


Old crawler tractor.


A couple of old tractors.


D6 Caterpillar Tractor.


Metal Gong in a wooden frame - David brought one of these home from Indonesia 30 years ago, but Di did not like it and chucked it on the tip - $150.00 worth.

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Tallebudgera Creek to Nambucca Heads

Thursday 31 August 2017

Another fine day for our 350 km trip south to Nambucca Heads.

We managed to hit the road at 9:15 am and travelled via the Pacific Highway. We passed fairly constant roadworks between Ballina and Coffs Harbour, stopping twice on the way for a morning coffee, and again for lunch, before arriving at Nambucca at 3:00 pm.

We checked in for three nights on waterfront site 14. The White Albatross Caravan Park appears to have changed hands since last year, with a consequent (?) increase in prices. It was $54.00 per night for week nights and $67.00 for Saturday night, before the Top Tourist discount, which is up there with the cost at Tallebudgera Creek. Last year it was $48.00 per night at Nambucca. When David queried the high cost he was told that the waterfront sites had been upgraded with Astroturf, and prices were increased from 1 September. No wonder the caravan park is half empty - unlike last year when it was well patronised.

It was very breezy here at Nambucca so we did not bother to put out the awning. Apparently it has been blowing here for several days.


Set up on Site 14 with new Astroturf - pity about the grass - or lack of it!


View from Site 14 across the lagoon.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Week 11

Friday 25 August to Wednesday 30 August 2017.

Another great week weather wise with temperatures in the low to mid 20's culminating with 26 degrees on Wednesday for our pack up day.

This will be our last week on the Gold Coast, as we depart on Thursday 31 August to begin our travels south to eventually catch the ferry on 16 September in Melbourne.

On Friday we had a Pied Butcher Bird in a nearby tree who serenaded us for a couple of hours in the evening.

At the weekend the lower walking path around Burleigh Head was re-opened after being closed for three months for renovations. The total length of the path had been re-layed with concrete with new railings installed on some sections. On Saturday afternoon we walked around the Ocean View track to the Burleigh Surf Club for a refresher before walking back around the road to Tallebudgera Creek.

On Monday we walked over the top of Burleigh Head to the Surf Club before returning around the Ocean View path. It took us 42 minutes over the top track plus another 28 minutes back around the bottom path. A total of 8,000 steps, in a total of 70 minutes, and a total distance of 6 kms. As we walked over the top of Burleigh Head we caught sight of the large dredge operating off Surfers Paradise Beach. It steams up and down the beaches the when full of sand comes in closer to the beaches and blows all the sand into the shallows where the wave action will take the sand onto the beaches. While walking back to the caravan park we saw a whale breaching off Burleigh Head. At first we thought that it might be the white whale but closer inspection of the photos suggests perhaps not.

On Tuesday David managed to get a few photos of the Macaw that is periodically let out by its owner for a fly up and down the Tallebudger Creek. Later we had happy hour drinks with Colin and Merle from Torquay in Victoria, and Rod and Di from Hahndorf in South Australia. Both couples are regular visitors to Tallebudgera Creek and are our near neighbors in the caravan park. They will all be heading south in a week or two.

On Wednesday we spent most of the day pulling down the annexe and packing everything away in bags for our journey south. The annexe and mat bags were loaded on the roof rack on the Navara, along with the Tote tank and our small gas bottle. Every-thing is then covered by a purpose made cover to keep the weather out for our journey home. The annexe will not come out again until next year.

On Wednesday evening we went to the Palm Beach Surf Club for dinner. Next year we plan to join the Palm Beach Surf Club as it is a cut above the surf clubs at Burleigh Beach and Tallebudgera. Palm Beach Surf Club is a 3 km walk each way from the caravan park.


Pied Butcher Bird singing for his supper.


Recently opened Burleigh Head Ocean view track.


Tallebudgera Creek Dredge.


Today's weather photo - Palm Beach from the Tumgun Lookout on Burleigh Head.


Large sand dredge off Surfers Paradise.


Burleigh Beach outlet for the Tallebudgera Creek dredge with the Surfers dredge in the background.


Whale shot one.


Whale shot 2.


Whale shot 3.


Tallebudgera Creek dredge re-positioning in the creek.


Macaw shot 1.


Macaw shot 2.


Macaw shot 3.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Week 10

Friday 18 August to Thursday 24 August 2017

We started the week with wind - lots of wind. 15 to 20 knots gusting to 25 knots - thats 45 km per hour for the non-sailors. The wind started in the west on day 1, then went to the south-west on day 2, then to the south on day 3. Most unpleasant with everyone watching their awnings and annexes. Once we were done with the wind we had a magnificent sunset.

On Tuesday we spent all morning polishing the van using "T Cut", a polish with a mild cutting compound included in the polish. The result was so good that the van looks like new. We had two colours of the polish - one for the Navara and one for the Van. The polish also comes in red, blue and black.

On Thursday we finished the week with a thunderstorm and very heavy rain for a couple of hours, An hour later the storm was gone and the ground was dry again.

Only a week to go at Tallebudgera Creek as we leave to start heading south next Thursday.


A magnificent sunset over Tallebudgera Creek.


Nice clean Van.


Caravan looking clean and shiny.


T-CUT Polish - Silver for the Navara anf White for the Caravan.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Week 9

Friday 11 August to Thursday 17 August 2017

Temperatures continue to rise on the Gold Coast - mid to high 20's with a couple of maximums of 29 degrees. On one of the days when we had 29 degrees, Brisbane had a maximum of 32.3 degrees.

While I have yet to get a photo, every couple of days a beautiful red, yellow and blue Macaw flies up and down the Creek pursued by seagulls and other birds trying to chase it off. Apparently the Macaw is owned by someone who lives in Burleigh not far from the Creek, and they let it out for a fly around every couple of days.

Another bird that causes great consternation with other birds is the Kookaburra. The Kookaburra was sitting in a nearby tree with Noisy Miners trying to chase it off - to no avail.

Perhaps the highlight of the week was a water skier using a surf board with a foil cum winged keel arrangement. While he fell off a few times it was spectacular to see him riding a foot or so above the water.


The Noisy Miners were getting very agitated with the Kookaburra.


The Kookaburra was taking no notice of the Noisy Miners.


Surf Board with a foil.

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