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Devonport to Melbourne

Saturday 20 May 2017

The forecast for our crossing was for fine weather, with 1 metre seas on a 2-3 metre swell. Thankfully the rain had stopped and we only got about 25 mm overnight, which was considerably less than expected.

We lined up to check in the terminal at about 7:30 am and were loaded onto truck deck 5 at 8:00 am.

At about 1.30 pm we passed the other Spirit heading south, at a closing speed of 50 knots they were soon gone.

We were off the boat fairly quickly and arrived at Ashley gardens at about 7:00 pm.

The office was closed so we got our envelope from the clip board and set ourselves up on site 145.

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Hobart to Devonport

Day 1 - Friday 19 May 2017

This year we were booked on a day sailing on Saturday 20 May, but decided to drive up to Devonport on the day before. We had planned to spend the night at the free camp at the Forth Recreation Ground, but a forecast of up to 100 mm of rain overnight changed our plans, and we spent the night at the Discovery Caravan Park at East Devonport.

We were hitched up and on the road by 11:30 am, stopped for lunch at Oatlands, refuelled at Elizabeth Town, and arrived at East Devonport at about 3:30 pm. We were about half an hour late arriving because of extensive road works on the northern end of the Midland Highway.

No photos today.

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Touring with the Conways - Entally and Corinna

10 October to 13 October 2017

As Jan and Andy Conway were in Tassie for a family wedding, we decided that a quick whiz around the state was in order. The only question was clockwise or anti-clockwise. We decided on anti-clockwise, with a night at Entally House, and two nights at Corinna on the West Coast.

When we departed Hobart, the mountain was covered in snow. We must have come home from the mainland too soon!

On the way to Entally we called at Jozeph Chromy Wines at Relbia to taste some of their best wines. Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir were definitely the best!

We had selected Entally Historic House, on the basis that we had stayed at both Brickenden and Woolmers Estates in Longford on previous visits . When we arrived at Entally House we were directed to Entally Lodge across the road, which is in fact the old Rutherglen Holiday Village – albeit renovated to an acceptable standard. A staff member at Entally House was apologetic and admitted that we were not the first to have been misled.

The fact remains that had we been aware of all the details we would not have stayed at Rutherglen. This fact was advised to the Entally Lodge reception staff member who agreed to pass it on to management. The various web sites for booking accommodation all infer that you will be staying on Entally Estate.

Not only is this misleading advertising but it is bordering on fraudulent behaviour. Our disappointment was compounded when it became time for an evening meal. No evening meals on Mondays or Tuesdays at Entally Lodge. The recommended alternative – Red Feathers Inn was closed for a private function. A second recommended alternative, the Carrick Inn does not serve meals on Mondays – Chef’s day off. A third recommended alternative was Longford – however Tripadvisor and Zomato websites failed to come up with any suggestions for Monday night.

The fourth recommendation was the Launceston Country Club Casino. When we arrived it was clear that it may have been the only choice for a Monday night as it was very crowded. There were queues at the cafeteria, the Wintergarden was fully booked, and we were advised that a table would be available at about 7:30 pm. The buffet option at 7:30 pm was less than satisfactory as food had not been replenished after the first sitting. There was an a la carte option available as we later found out, but staff admitted that they are told not to offer it. Having travelled extensively throughout mainland Australia, Asia and Europe over the last ten years or so, it was overall a very disappointing experience.

Tasmania – Australia’s Holiday Isle – but Don’t Come Monday.

All was not lost however, as the remainder of our trip included the The Tarkine Hotel at Corinna, a Pieman River Cruise and a visit to The Wall in the Wilderness at Derwent Bridge all exceeded our expectations.


Snow on Mt Wellington - we came home too early!


Josef Chromy Winery at Relbia in Northern Tasmania.


Andy with Di and Jan at Josef Chromy Winery.


Entally House - where we thought we were staying.


Entally Lodge (aka Rutherglen Holidsy Village) where we did stay.


Entally Lodge Reception, Dining Room, and Bar.


Waterfall at Waratah where we stopped for lunch.


On the road between Savage River and Corinna.


Our accommodation at Corinna.


The Fat Man punt waiting for business.


Weight and size limits on the Fat Man.


The Tarkine Hotel at Corinna.


Interesting dead tree.


Tasmanian Native Laurel.


Dense Rain Forest with a Huon Pine or two.


More Rain Forest.


Tasmanian Native Laurel flanked by Huon Pine.


The range of colours was amazing.


Man Ferns with Huon Pine.


Waterfall with a lot of tannin in the water.


The water is almost inky black.


Ferns right down to the water's edge.


Even more rain forest.


This rock wall was considered as a site for a dam on the Pieman River.


The foliage begins to change as we near the coast.


I hope that we don't need this - the water is very cold.


The boat ramp at Pieman Heads.


It must be cold - Di does not like hats.


One of the many fisherman's shacks at Pieman Heads.


One of the better maintained shacks at Pieman Heads.


These are probably the logs that washed the Fat Man away in the last flood.


4WD access through the Long Puddle.


When you wear out one track make another. Not a good look!


Looking towards Pieman Heads over the dunes.


I would not like to bring a boat over the bar at Pieman Heads.


Looking south at Pieman Heads - more logs.


The beach at Pieman Heads.


Looking north along the beach.


Fellow cruise members accessing the beach at Pieman Heads.


A Gum Tree at Pieman Heads.


The Fat Man heading across the Pieman River for customers.


Tasmanian Native Laurel - it grows everywhere at Corinna.


A close-up of the flowers on the Tasmanian Native Laurel.


Next morning - waiting for the barge operator to appear.


Reflections across the Pieman River.


Arcadia 11 in the morning sun.


Looking down the Pieman River in the morning sun.


Those sisters again.


Plenty of snow as we climbed up Mt Arrowsmith on the way to Derwent Bridge.


More snow on the way to Derwent Bridge.

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Easter at Grindstone Bay

Thursday 13 April to Wednesday 19 April 2017

This year we joined the Hash group at Grindstone Bay on the East Coast. Grindstone farm is a Merino stud of about 10,000 acres located about 10 kms north of Triabunna on the East Coast of Tasmania. Access to the camping area is by invitation and is about 6 kms from the highway.

There were 8 couples, with 7 couples in caravans and one couple in a tent. The extended weekend is an eating and drinking extravaganza, and a good time was had by all.


Sunset at Grindstone Bay.


The circle at Grindstone.


Grindstone beach looking north.


Grindstone Beach looking south.


Nick and Patrick's vans.


Chappy's van.


Smiler and Half Ton, with Phil's tent.


Our Trailblazer.


Creasey's van.


Old hotel in Triabunna.


Old garrison buildings in Triabunna.


The boys on a walk.


The view towards Schouten Island.


A well thought out side table.

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Port Arthur

Wednesday 1 March to Friday 10 March 2017

Once again we headed for the Port Arthur Caravan Park for our annual trip. We have given up on including the March Long Weekend as it is usually very crowded and very noisy at that time.

When we arrived at the Park we found that our usual site was not available - who knows why. We were given the option of a few other sites and settled on Site 10 which was better and roomier than our old Site.


All set up on site 10.


Another view of site 10.


The view from Site 10.


Another view from Site 10.

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