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Seal Rocks Day 3

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Fine and mainly sunny again today.

The plan was for quiet day at the caravan park to get organised before we move on again.

As it turned out it was not so quiet - early this morning a crane and two large over-length and over-width trucks turned up with a pilot vehicle to deliver two sides of a building to the caravan park. I don't think that it would have been a good experience to have met them on the quite narrow Seal Rocks Road. The building turned out to be the new managers residence and reception area. The two halves of the building were lifted off the trucks and placed side by side on footings about a foot apart. Apparently the next step is to winch the two parts together.


Truck with the first half of the building.


Crane preparing to lift the building.


The other half of the building.


Crane at work.


Ready to lift off the trailer.


Ready to place the first half on the footings.


The two halves in position ready to push together.


Truckies like a back load - this cabin is going to the south coast of NSW.

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Forster - Tuncurry

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Mainly sunny and fine again today.

Today we decided to drive back to Forster-Tuncurry to enable us to get some scripts filled and to do a bit of super-marketing. While we drove through the area the other day on our way to Seal Rocks we did not get the opportunity to look around. Forster (pronounced Foster) and Tuncurry are twin towns on either side of the entrance to Wallis Lake that makes up one of the Great Lakes in the area that include Smiths Lake and Myall Lake. Tuncurry town centre is generally run down unlike the more upmarket Forster town centre. After visiting the pharmacy and the newsagent we found a cafe for a light lunch, before moving on to Woollies for a few groceries.

On the way back to Seal Rocks we drove into the Cape Hawke Lookout to see if the whales were about, and also drove into Boomerang Beach to check it out. There were whales about 5 miles out in the distance but far to far away for a decent photo.


View of the Forster waterfront.


Maritime Services patrol vessel.


Another view of the Forster waterfront.


Viewing tower at Cape Hawke - it would have been cheaper to cut down a few trees.


Cape Hawke named by Captain Cook in 1770.


Great Lakes from the Cape Hawke Observation Tower.


Boomerang Beach.


Another view of Boomerang Beach.

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Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse

Monday 5 September 2016

Today we decided to walk from the Seal Rocks Caravan Park to the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. The walk was about 40 minutes to the Lighthouse including a very steep climb at the end. After about 15 minutes taking in the sights it was an easier walk back to the caravan park.

The lighthouse was built in 1875 at Sugarloaf Point, also known as Seal Rocks Lighthouse, is an active lighthouse located at a point about 3 kilometres southeast of Seal Rocks. It guards Seal Rocks, a treacherous rock formation to the south. It was the first lighthouse designed by James Barnet and is one of only two towers in Australia with an external stairway.


Boat Beach at Seal Rocks.


Fishing boat on the beach at Seal Rocks.


View across Sugarloaf Bay at Seal Rocks.


Another fishing boat on Boat Beach at Seal Rocks.


Walking to The Lighthouse at Sugarloaf Point.


Lighthouse from the road to Sugarloaf Point.


Waves breaking in a gap between the rocks at Seal Rocks.


Sugarloaf Point Light-Keepers Cottage.


Seal Rocks from the the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse.


Lighthouse Beach at Seal Rocks.


Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse.


Di at the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse.


View from the road to the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse.

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Seal Rocks Caravan Park

Monday 5 September 2016

Fine and sunny today with a temperature of about 18 degrees - cooler than the Gold Coast but we are slowly heading home.

The Seal Rocks Caravan Park is undergoing a major re-development which started last year with an upgrade to the sites at the rear of the park. This year the front section of the park is being redeveloped.


Set up on Site 66 at Seal Rocks Caravan Park.


Entrance to the Seal Rock Caravan Park.


Construction site at the Seal Rocks Caravan Park.


Camp Kitchen at the Seal Rocks Caravan Park.


New cabins under construction at Seal Rocks Caravan Park.


View from the beach at Seal Rocks.


Another view from the beach at Seal Rocks.

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Nambucca Heads to Seal Rocks

Sunday 4 September 2016

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there - David got calls from both daughters today to wish him well.

Weather today was fine and mainly sunny for our 255 km trip to Seal Rocks today.

After emptying the holding tanks we were on our way at about 9:20 am and headed south towards Macksville to rejoin the Pacific Highway. As we approached the Macksville Bridge two wide load escorts came over the bridge and motioned us to stop. We thought that the lead escort was giving us a two-fingered salute, but in fact he was indicating that there were two wide loads to come over the bridge. We waited and took some photos as they came over.

Just south of Macksville we joined a recently opened section of the re-built Pacific Highway that took us all the way to Kempsey. Needing fuel we left the highway to go into Kempsey to find a servo to fill up with diesel. As we left Kempsey to rejoin the Pacific Highway we found a Service Centre on the highway - we could have saved ourselves the detour had there been a sign north of the Kempsey turnoff to tell us that there was a Service Centre just down the highway.

South of Kempsey we spent a long period under 80 kph speed limits as this section of the road to the Port Macquarie turnoff and further south is still being rebuilt. Its no wonder Scomo says the country is broke - all the money is being spent on new roads in northern NSW.

Just south of Taree we turned left onto the Lakes Way which took us through Forster-Tuncurry to Bungwahl where we turned left for Seal Rocks. Its a good job that we were not looking for fuel at Bungwahl as the blackboard at the servo announced "No Diesel". The Seal Rocks Caravan Park is undergoing a re-build and the entrance resembles a bomb-site. We were allocated Site 66 for four nights and received a 10% discount because of the works that are going on. The Site are all a bit squeezy and we were left over-lapping the site behind us.


Wide load escorts coming off the Macksville Bridge.


The first wide load over the Macksville Bridge.


Here comes the second wide load across the Macksville Bridge.

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