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Tallebudgera Creek - Day 7 - Weather Update

Saturday 4 June 2016

In the 36 hours to 9:00 pm tonight we have had 336 mm of rain. Tallebudgera Creek is a tidal creek open to the sea and a 9 metre swell that has been running from the north east for a couple of days. High tide tonight was at about 8:00 pm and the sea level was expected to be about 40 cm higher than usual because of the East Coast Low affecting local weather. We thought that we would be OK in the Caravan Park, but it was a close run thing as you can see for yourselves.


Flotsam at the back door.


More flotsam at the back door.


Here comes another storm surge.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Days 4 to 7

Wednesday 1 June to Saturday 4 June 2016

The weather each day until Friday has been mainly cloudy and about 22 degrees, which is quite pleasant.

On Wednesday we went for a walk around Burleigh Head and had a cool refresher at the South Burleigh Surf Club.

Thursday was a bit of grocery shopping before meeting Frosty and Marg at Club Southport for a meal. They arrived at Southport the day before we arrived at Tallebudgera and are now settled on their usual site. We caught up with their news since we last saw them in Melbourne in April, when we delivered our van to the Trailblazers factory.

We spent most of Friday preparing for the expected bad weather due to arrive overnight. When David collected the paper from Reception in the morning the staff were being run off their feet dealing with phone calls from people cancelling their bookings for the weekend, We doubled all of the guy ropes (or should that be person ropes), and doubled all of the pegs on the annexe tie-downs. We are expecting about 200 mm of rain over the weekend with winds of 25 to 30 knots gusting higher. We ran out of pegs so here's hoping that we have done enough to keep the awning and annexe attached to the van.

We were up at about 1:00 am Saturday morning in the wind and the rain trying to control the front porch that had lost one of its poles in the wind. The easiest solution was to move the Navara to block some of the wind and to tie the porch to the Ute. We did not get any sleep overnight and were up again at about 5:00 am in the rain checking on the annexe as the wind seemed to have gone up a notch. In the 24 hours to 9:00 am we had 80 mm of rain, and it is still raining and blowing - we expect another 80 mm before the weather eases this evening. Now we know what they mean when the talk about an East Coast Low. I think that the weather forecasters are a bit gun-shy at the moment as they keep issuing severe weather warnings for damaging thunder storms only to cancel them an hour or two later.


Palm Beach from the Burleigh Heads walking track.


Burleigh Beach - no-one swimming between the flags.


Surfers Paradise from Burleigh Beach.


Site 12 from the bridge over Tallebudgera Creek.

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Tallebudgera Creek - Days 1 to 3

Sunday 29 May to Tuesday 31 May

Sunday was mainly sunny and 23 degrees.

This is the weather that we came for - much better than the 10 to 12 degrees that they are getting in Hobart. We spent the day erecting the annexe and sorting out our porches and our mats. Did not get it all finished so will be at it again tomorrow morning. No hurry - we are on holidays!

Monday was mainly sunny and 22.5 degrees.

We spent the morning finalising our set up by adding some down-pipes from each end of the awning to take away any rainwater. We are likely to get a bit of heavy rain at the end of the week so here's hoping we are set up for wet weather. Then it was off to the supermarket for groceries, Camping Plus for a small gas bottle for the Baby Q, and Bunnings for a few nuts and bolts and waterproof tape.

Tuesday was mainly cloudy and 22.4 degrees.

We spent most of the day cleaning the outside of the van to get rid of the insects and grime that accumulate during a week on the road. We are now all set for some serious relaxing and maybe a bit of fishing in Tallebudgera Creek, although they don't seem to be catching too much in the way of Flathead and Bream at the moment, and only seem to be catching puffer fish.


All set-up on Site 12.


Annexe with porches at each end.


Di enjoying the view across Tallebudgera Creek.


View across Tallebudgera Creek.


Sunset over Tallebudgera Creek.

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Glen Innes to Tallebudgera

Saturday 28 May 2016

Very cold in Glen Innes this morning - 0 degrees inside the van and 0 degrees outside with a very white frost. We should not have been surprised as there was a very clear sky last night, and Glen Innes is at an altitude of 1,062 metres - a bit like camping on Mt Wellington. We woke up about 4:30 am freezing cold and could have done with a diesel heater to keep us warm. It was so cold that the cold water pipes were frozen for an hour or so until it warmed up.


Our camp site at Beardy Creek near Glen Innes.


Thick frost at Glen Innes.


A frosty morning at Glen Innes.

We were on the road at 8:30 am and continued north on the New England Highway to Tenterfield where we turned right onto the Bruxner Highway which took us through Casino where we stopped for fuel, and Lismore before joining the Pacific Highway near Byron Bay. We continued north on the Pacific Highway before joining the Gold Coast Highway to take us to Tallebudgera Creek - a total of 359 kms.

Casino calls itself the Beef Capital of the World - we thought that title belonged to Rockhampton, but no matter. One of the traps of relying on a GPS to plot the route is to end up down a road that is closed. Apparently there was to be a big parade for Beef Week and our proposed route had been closed by the SES. After explaining our predicament they allowed us through their barrier to find a turn around point so we could go back the way that we came. The GPS was sending us on a short cut that might have saved us a couple of minutes than if we had stayed on the main road. Tom Tom call it IQ Routes but I think that their IQ is about 60!

We arrived at the Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park at about 1:45 pm and checked in for 3 months. Yippee! We are on Site 12 and are now considered to be Regulars on Site 12. There was a cool breeze blowing from the West so we decided against setting up the Awning and Annexe. We sorted out our hoses , erected the room at the front of the van and set up the satellite dish. Managed to get the best signal ever with minimal fuss so now have the full range of channels on VAST and FOXTEL. We will set up the annexe tomorrow morning as the forecast for tomorrow is 23 degrees with light winds.

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Coonabarabran to Glen Innes

Friday 27 August 2016

Fine and sunny today with a maximum of about 14 degrees in Glen Innes.

We were packed up and on the road by about 9:45 am for a long day of 399 km travelling via Gunnedah where we got fuel, Tamworth and then Armidale before arriving at Glen Innes at about 3:30 pm where we filled up with fuel again and emptied the holding tanks. We travelled from Coonabarabran to Tamworth via the Oxley Highway, and then we switched to the New England Highway just north of Tamworth. We were pleased to leave Tamworth behind as the main highway through the town has about 20 small roundabouts that must drive the truckies mad.

Just north east of Tamworth we passed an ominous sign First Moonbi Hill, but worse was to come when got to the Second Moonbi Hill. We were down to 1st gear and 40 kph on the first hill and 35 kph on the second hill. We were gaining however on a B-Double on the second hill, but he reached the top before we needed to pass him. The Moonbi Range forms a spur of the Great Dividing Range where the North West Slopes meet to the Northern Tablelands. The Moonbi Range rises from 500–1,300 metres and has long slow climbing lanes on each side.

There was a lot of lovely autumn colour particularly around the towns we passed through today. Near Tamworth and Armidale there were lots of very new advertising hoardings for someone called Barnaby - he must have plenty of money in his re-election kitty. On the other hand we only saw 2 signs for Tony Windsor - and one of those showed him with Juliar so it may not have been his.

We are spending the night at the Beardy Creek Rest Area which is a free camp about 8 km north of Glen Innes. At the moment there are two other vans here for the night. Shortly after we arrived we had a knock on the door - would you believe it was two Jehova's Witnesses handing out their pamphlets. You're not safe from God-botherers anywhere.

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